Been at Washington State Park hosting since July 1st

We have been hosting Washington State Park since July 1 well Jerry was. I first join him on July 3 his birthday. The first day I got here we saw a big black snake we chase him back into the woods.

Sarah came out on the forth with baby Isaiah and Mike came later it was nice. Hope to get others to join us next year. Jesse said he would of come. Think next year we will be at another park though. Christmas in July was not our thing.

We celebrated Jerry’s 70th birthday too

One time Sarah came out with Isaiah the a/c went out they stayed a few night it was nice. We also went to there home on days off. One time we helped tear kitchen out now Mime has to do the hard work We kept 6 feet away when hosting so we can see them when off.

Did a few hikes can’t do as many arthritis is kicking my butt but I still try to be active. Did one with Sarah when we stayed at her house.

Grandkids Kayla and Jackson came to spend few night. They had a great time we went to river, hiked, cone s’mores, scavenger hunt, roller bladed, painted some wood items we had, painted rocks plus went to see petroglyphs . Jackson played with drone and grandpa gave it to him to take home. They learned to have little screen time. Hope they had as much fun as grandma did.

Met with Alyssa’s mom to help. Got to see their beautiful home and go for boat ride. Made some cushions for reception and met her again in a Festus for pedicures. Getting excited now.

It was foggy one day got some awesome pics.

Jerry was called to get a copperhead he relocated it to the woods. It’s been busy.

We will head to Lost valley and get ready for Jesse and Allyssas wedding.

A few nature pics I just wanted to share

Month of June introduces a new grand-baby

We started June back at our home park Lost Valley nice to back back here. Feels like home.

We celebrated new grandbaby coming soon. It was a great shower with family and friends. It was a beautiful shower and lots of new items for baby Isaiah.

We had to get some warranty items done on Rv but because of Covid19 we had to leave Rv for a few days and went to spend time with Chris and Sara and the kids. Loved being with Jackson and Kayla some high lights we took Jackson on a hike and found a lake on there street at the end. Kayla learned how to sew on the machine. She made pillows for her little emoji couch. Jerry and Chris put some furniture together. Went to Kayla’s game they beat butt she was  catcher.  On the way to Jackson’s practice he started chocking and Sara had to get water bottle lid out of his wind pipe. Thank you Lord for saving our Jackson. Went to petting zoo. They got so use to having a puppy they got one the next week. The best time in along time. Of course grandpa made homemade waffles. Love the memories we made.

Celebrated Dads day early at Chris’s and I went over for one last visit with Sarah before she became a mom. We out the finishing touches on Isaiah’s room.

Back to Lost Valley and to quarantine until we hear from Sarah that she is having Isaiah. She is hoping that she has him by Dads day. I got a call on Saturday from Sarah that her water broke 11:30 am Mike text 3:30am on Sunday Isaiah was Sarah had a c section. Details came later 8lbs 3:30, 20inches long born at 2 am. Because of Covid only parents could visit. We had to leave Lost Valley for a few days. I drove almost all the way and got gas I’m getting better at driving. We went to Kirkwood Walmart to stay.

While in Kirkwood we still quarantine went walking at the park early when no one was there. Saw mom,dad and Stephens brick. Took a bike ride and just stayed inside. Before we left for Lost Valley Mercy lifted ban and one grandparent could visit. Isaiah had jaundice so couldn’t hold him, but I want to see Sarah I needed to see her and make sure she was ok. So I went. I got to her room she had just finished feeding Isaiah and said mom your just in time and I got to hold him for a few minutes he is so little. I wore my mask but got to see him. He then had to go back under the lamp. Nice but short visit, can’t wait for them to come home so I can go help Sarah with Isaiah.

God had a plan fur everything and all in Gods timing. I’m learning I can make the best plans and he can change them and have better plans. I didn’t want to be in Kirkwood but if I wasn’t I wouldn’t of gotten to see Sarah and meet Isaiah. God really knows better than we do.

Came back to Lost Valley saw Toni and Tom we all wore mask. It’s hot but at least we can visit. Toni and I walked with mask on. Sarah is hoping her and Isaiah go home tomorrow. Wow what a busy month.

Month of May hosting at Robertsville state park

We enjoyed our time at Robertsville state park. Tegan was awesome and helped us learn the park.

We got to Robertsville when it was not open yet but we got to host anyway. Lots of time to explore the park. We did lots of hiking.

We celebrated moms day and my birthday at the park. Jesse and Sarah came out we celebrated and went on a hike. Josh and Chris and Sara called we got to FaceTime Jackson and Kayla that’s always fun. I finally made our curtains at the end of the day.

One day went to Don Roberson to hike it was fun and beautiful didn’t see waterfall it was too far and hard a walk but still had a awesome time.

Two weeks before park planned on opening we started cleaning out firepits , weeded whipping and blow off sites. We were proud of how good we got it looking.

On weeks we hosted we learned a lot and it was nice seeing people out having fun again. When doing rounds one night we saw a owl on the side of road it was so cool.

Went on hike at one of the graveyards they had blackberry bushes everywhere not blooming yet. All in all not too bad except it was really buggy lots of ticks. Also don’t want to work with other host Tonya again she doesn’t trust anyone to do anything. Will ask you to do something then go do it.

We had a few visitors. One was a cardinal that tapped on window everyday, plus some squirrels. We are headed to Lost Valley Lake our home park excited to camp there and see some friends.

It’s been along time since I posted

We spent 2 1/2 weeks in Oklahoma at Coast to Coast campgrounds. They were nice but since to COVID 19 we really couldn’t go anywhere but walk around the campgrounds. I made lots of mask and donated. I’m now selling I ran out of fabric. I’ve been so busy.

After Oklahoma we went to Lost Valley since they didn’t cancel our reservations they said they did. We called the Seasons of Faith church they let us stay in parking lot with access to building. Close to a park with a walking trail. Stayed there 10 days felt very blessed not to be on the street. One of this is a surprise to God. Sometime I feel like my faith needs to be stronger.

Did a zoom church with Seasons of Faith it was fun at least some socializing. Went to Midwest for warranty work. We went by Sarah and kept distance still good to see her. Also went to see Jackson,Kayla and Chris and Sara still far away but got to see them.

Should be going to Robertsville State Park hosting tomorrow will do errands while Rv is being worked on.

Missed these guys so much good to see them even from afar.

Still in Texas

We are still in Bastrop Texas. We have been busy hosting, seeing a few sites and lots of hiking.

Went to McKinney Falls pretty falls but with all the concrete my knee really started hurting. 

One day Magic chase a squirrel in a tree and guarded the tree and would

not let him down. 

one day there was a vulture in a tree right at our site. Few days later the tree fell. In town they have a art walk it’s like a art scavenger hunt. Items are around town.

Went to see another park near Austin. Nice day hiking. We went to Buc-ee’s was pretty cool. We wentit’s so cool like a big candy store. Don’t have these is Missouri. Hosting is fun and keeps us busy. Really like our site it feels like home. sold more bunnies and other items then ever. Been hiking so much Jerry got me new hiking boots. Trying to hike as much as possible before we leave. Next year we will be going to Huntsville near Houston. Think there will be more sites to see.

We joined Coast to coast. You can go to there campgrounds no pad fee, just electric or water. We have 2 picked out to stay at in Oklahoma on way back to Missouri.

The Coronavirus Pandemic 19. So far Texas State parks have remained open. Told if they close we can stay since we are host. Hope we don’t get cancelled if we do I guess we will go to Lost Valley as a back up plan. 

Wow it’s February already

Wow it is February already. Can’t believe we have been living in other Rv full time over a year. We are in Bastrop Texas and love it so much. Hope to come back next year. Nicest people to work with. As always a few bumps but we really like it here.

We left St Louis in cold weather and we have had a few chilly days but most days at

least 60. Today I’m outside it warm 70’s.

We have done lots of hiking. I’ve done some on my own went 5 1/2 mikes one day about did myself in. Knee was hurts I g so I found a urgent care and got a cortisone shot. Have been better since then.

Friends from St. Louis are also in Texas fur winter they came by for a visit. It was fun to catch up.

Went into Bastrop and found a farmers market and some art places.

Went to next town and went to quilting museum. It was pretty but small.

our site is nice and big and it’s become home. Still doing a few things to the camper.

Went on a hike with a group bird watched this morning first time saw 5 different kind of birds. Mostly wood peckers. Really enjoyed might do when we get home maybe with Toni.

Learned to lots of new things hosting. Drive a gater,use a splitter and Jerry cuts the grass on a zero turn. b

There is a little drama when there’s other host but not too bad. Went to dinner with other host all 4 couples.

Super Bowl part at one of the host tomorrow. We really need to host most of the time it’s become our lively hood. So far I’ve been able to keep us hosting when we need it.

We started the process to become Texas residents hsve a address, and got Jeep license . Next Rv and our drivers license.

Sarah will have a baby shower when we get back and Jesse and Alyssa think wedding date will be 8/29 Mary’s birthday. Google duo with Josh and got to see Otto twice already. Chris and Sara are getting a new house. The kids are always busy. I miss them but we will be home soon. Need to get busy making baby items. Yeah

But still time to relax

Almost one year full timing

Almost a year full timing. Never thought I would love hosting but we do. Durning November and December we made some new friends at Lost Valley Wally and Angela we had camp fires and played cards. Was great to share full timing secrets and hints. We saw all the kids for the holidays and were ready to leave Lost Valley fur awhile. They have had a new security guard and other staff getting on my nerves. Thank goodness it was time to go.

A few Christmas pics

We left for Texas Bastrop State Park.

We left Lost Valley early 12/27. Jerry got off exit just for gas couldn’t get in and got on service road it was a one lane road or should be. I was praying The Whole time. So glad we finally got back to the high way.

Spent one night at Walmart in Oklahoma then headed to Texas. Madalyn called from Bastrop they were ready for us early but found us a spot but not a host spot.

Got set up and relaxed nice site but only until 1/1 and we move to our host site fir 3 months. Had a nice fire first day it was 64 gets a little chilly next few days but then only down until 40s. Met one host Cecilia ( I think) she was so nice told us what we will do. Doesn’t sound too hard. Later Magic and I went and did 2 trails hiking. Tomorrow I will bike. I’m so happy to be here.

Cecilia text asked us to dinner with other host so we’re going. Making friends already. Plus they did there domincal in Texas Jerry wants to do that. God is really blessing us with making friends where ever we go.

A year in review. Our first year living in Roo

We started this year with the sale of our house. That was hard it was the first house my dad and grandpa built. We sold the house on 1/4 and got new Rv the same day. Pack/unpack and headed to RockPort Texas CoPano Bay Rv Park on 1/6. Wonderful place. Found dog park close with obstacle course Magic loved it , went for walks on the beach, found a few craft fairs to be in. Went to Aquarium we stayed until 3/8.

Headed home or to our home base Lost Valley Lake. Helped Jesse and Alyssa with the dogs.

In April we headed to celebrate our Anniversary at Echo Bluff State Park few days late. We hiked, biked, campfires and just relaxed was a great time. We talked to the host about hosting. When we got back to Lost Valley we applied for Missouri State parks hosting. Thought we would start next year or was hoping too.

On Moms day was surprised with a visit from Josh and Carly. We were expecting Jesse and Alyssa and Sarah but not Josh and Carly. I start crying thinking about it. I’m just so blessed and loved by my kids and family. I didn’t expect a gift my gift was just seeing them but they gave me a gift and it was a onesie. They are expecting a baby in October. They had Otto 10/23. I’m so in love with him.

We spent Memorial Day at Lost Valley way on the other side. Brandon and Raven came out with Azrael and told us they are expecting again. It must of been a cold winter lots of babies were made. Toni and Tom went home early after a few storms.

In June we went to Missouri Coachmen rally. Best people you could want to camp with. We did all meals together, played games and lots of prizes for everything. I was in the craft fair too. We went a day early and left a day late just because we can. They prayed before meals it was just awesome. Can’t wait until next year.

From rally went to Ledges state park in a Iowa to see Josh and Carly. We got to see the ultrasound it’s so exciting to learn all about this little boy I’m already in love with. We did lots of hiking, they picked out colors for the quilt for the baby. They had fun picking out the colors. While there I went biking and hiking. Got our first call to host at Babler, when we get back to St. Louis we handy hosted from 6/20-7/1. We will do it again wasn’t sure if we would like it but we did. We got to visit our home church. Awesome people to work with too.

We went to Washington State Park for a week before we got call to host there too. We hosted in Washington state park for the month of August. Meramec state park called and we hosted there September and October. This hosting has become such fun.Plus get to discover the StTe Parks.

We have really enjoyed full-time and hosting plus I’ve been doing some craft fairs 2 each in October November and December.

After that we will take a-break from craft fairs. At Washington Jackson and Kayla Camped they loved it we hiked, swam, play games and more they camped 2 other times once at Meramec and once for Halloween at Lost Valley. (Jackson smiles the whole time he’s camping he just loves it)

We went to ball games saw Sarah and Mike,saw Jesse more than we have we really are enjoying this life Lord thank you so much!

I don’t know if I expressed all we did but I tried all we got to see the new grandbaby in November Otto Michael plus Mary and Jeff came to Washington to hike with us and Sarah there’s just so much that we did this year

Will post pictures later a year of pictures oh boy

What a fun year!,

Lost Valley and Iowa

We’ve been really busy. After we finished hosting at Meramec State park we headed back to our home base Lost Valley. We plan on celebrating Toms 70 th birthday. Robert and Amy, Mia come too Love our time at Lost Valley with family and friends. Kayla and Jackson’s came for trick or treating and spent the night. We had never trick or treated at Lost Valley before. Played lots of games too.

Otto Michael Miller was born 10/23/2019 9:33 pm 7lbs 0.01 once 20 inches long. I’m so happy can’t wait to see him. We went to see him 11/4 it was so nice and emotional seeing him. Long delivery but all ended fine. Lots of first memories with Otto. I held him, talked to him told him about Aunt Sarah and Mike, and Uncle Jesse and the dogs and soon to be Aunt Alyssa. We went home Wednesday night early because furnace stopped. It didn’t matter how much I held him it would not be enough. I did get the presents all done. Hoping to FaceTime so he get use to my voice. I don’t want him to think we are strangers and be afraid of us. Not putting pic per parents request.

Went straight to Midwest they fit us in and fixed the furnace. They have been really good.

We will be at Lost Valley until we head to Texas. We will celebrate the holidays with the kids and family. Want to see them as much as we can before we know it we will be in Texas. We have been doing craft fairs 3 more to do. Orders are really picking up. First year to decorate Rv for Christmas making a few new things.

Loving this more low keyed life. Don’t feel stressed about the holidays. We will go tp kids it’s more about memories and less about presents.

A few last pics of new item I’ve been making.

Our time Hosting at Meramec State Park

We went to Meramec State Park. The first site we hit was #1, full hook up but no wifi,no phone, no tv. I was learning to adjust when Carol one of the other host asked if we wanted to come up where other host were better WiFi, I could do WiFi calling and better tv. So we did but it wasn’t full hook up just electric so we filled up with water and used a taxi to empty sewer. It was better. God always provides. When Jerry parked it we hit first scratch little sign he didn’t see. We fixed it and you can’t even tell.

Kel came to spend the night and hike. We went to one hike and I almost got us lost. The leaves weren’t changing it but still so beautiful. We walked down to the river and saw a lot of lizards basking on a rock in the sun. Lots of nature here deer are everywhere. Always enjoy our time with family and friends. The one cave looks like Jesus tomb .

We don’t work as much at Meramec but there are 5 host, the days you work are long. But 2-3 days a week so lots of free time. We had grandkids out to camp again just love the memories we are making. Jackson and Kayla helped with us cleaning sites on Sunday they are getting big and hard workers. We went to playground, biked, made s’mores and got a good family picture in front of Rv for a contest at Midwest. Kayla really is beginning to like cooking.

Sarah and I met at Toni and Toms one day then went to the zoo. We see the kids I think more than before. Except for Josh and Carly. But as soon as baby comes we will go visit again. I feel so blessed to live this life and get to make so many memories. A few pictures from the zoo hadn’t been in a few years it was a perfect day for it.

Had time to do a few craft fairs and time to get ready for them. My favorite was at Washington State Park and seeing friends from when we hosted there.

October spook fest at Meramec is busy. They have trick or treating, pumpkin contest which turned into lots of drama, site decorating contest and more. I took a few pictures of some sites. The pumpkins contest was drama because 2 host wanted it done different ways. Meramec does not have someone in charge right now so as soon as knew person steps up I’m hoping things will settle down. We will come back next year. Plus you get double camping coupons here. We have enough fur a 7 day vacation next year. It was fun over all.

Almost forgot to tell we got to go on a cave tour as a benefit to hosting. The tour was of Fishermen’s cave.

Here is a view one morning while doing rounds, and some at our site it was nice and quiet and we faced nature. Deer came right up to our site.

If we didn’t start hosting at the state parks I would not of realized how nice the state parks are at least in Missouri will find out about Texas State Parks in January. Feeling so blessed to live this life, camping with my sweet hubby, get to see family and grandkids, stay active and not work. Meeting great people. The other host were really nice at Meramec a little drama but it was with others so I stayed out of it.

We will spent a night at Walmart in Kirkwood then went to see Chris and Sara and kids took Kayla to get fabric fur her costume she is making it this year. I’m excited to see it. Visited with Toni and Tom too.

Headed back to Ford to get a/c fixed Jerry was driving did not cut corner wide enough and boy what a mess everything flew out of cabinets not permanent damage. Plan on what to get braised better next time. At least camper git real good cleaning and a/c works and they will take care of arm of chair.

Back at our home base Lost Valley and trees are finally changing here was my first view. Feels like home