On to Alabama

We headed to Alabama next for 7 days we stayed at Styx resort which was suppose to be one of the best. We pulled in the sites were on sand. I’m not a fan of sand planned on going to the beach but didn’t think we would have sand every time we went for a walk, or just to sit outside. Sites were on top of each other. The neighbor next to us a travel trailer was only about 3 feet away. Way to close made us realize how much we appreciate Lost Valley Lake and the state parks. People let there dogs run in our site Magic almost bit them and they get upset we just told them keep your dog on your site.

People were not really acting like they were from the south not very friendly but we made the best of it. Discovered I’m more of a Mountains kind of girl instead of the beach. The Lord sent us here for a reason did run into some nice full timers.

We made it through a really bad storm there was hail as large as softball in Mobil Alabama which is not far. But the Lord protected us. Magic was scared but we all made it. Magic hid in bottom of bathroom cabinet she found her safe place. Funny dog.

Went to Fabrics by the pound one of the best things I got to experience in Alabama.

We went to the beach one day looked at all the signs paid for parking. Walked on beach a few minutes later we were told no dogs on beach we walked the boardwalk and I went and took a few pics. There lots of people too many for me anyway. Thank goodness we got to go on the beach in Mississippi with Magic. We ate lunch in the car then gave our spot and our ticket to next person.

Went to pool one day and got to watch Efree church on Sunday at least pretty good WiFi.

Tried to find hike all the sudden GPS said welcome to Florida I knew we were close but not that close. We couldn’t find the hike finally just went to a park for a walk. Plus we we’re getting low of gas. On way home we stopped at travel center lots of cool stuff.

Did some walks around campground some pics of there pond. We washed the rv one day Rv is looking good. I helped Jerry what a workout. I deep cleaned floors one day hope the sand is all out lol.

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Marina village in Texas and TLC Wolf River in Mississippi

Back to Marina Village to rest for a few days and spend Easter Jesus has Risen.

Really like it but this time little WiFi and no tv.

We celebrated our 23rd Anniversary here. Went to dinner.

Had a Easter parade for the kids, some campers really bring a big smoker.

It was nice for some down time though. A chapel right at the campground. We had a lake view which was nice. Lots of nice people.

Headed to Pass Christian Mississippi I drove 3 of the hours and pulled into the campground. I’m getting better. We drove around to get some supplies did not realize we were about 5 miles from beach. Went to beach twice it was nice and relaxing. Magic loved it but had to wash her when got back she had sand everywhere. Still doesn’t like getting I the water. Great WiFi and tv here.

Tomorrow we head to Styx rv resort in Robertsdale Alabama about 30 min from Gulf shores. Didn’t realize that we will be close to Fabrics by the pound excited to go and see this store. I’ve head about it for a few years.

Second half of hosting at Huntsville State Park in Texas

Jerry’s finger is still healing. He is able to help with sites, firewood and go on some small hikes with me. When we get back to Lost Valley Josh, Carly and Otto are coming for a visit. I can’t wait I just love when we can all get together. They will stay at at condo at Lost Valley it shouldn’t be too busy yet. We got our stimulus that helped with getting all our camping reservations.

Sales of my home made items were pretty good here. Business is not doing too bad. A few new items. Feel free to order if I can help you https://www.facebook.com/GiftsmadefromtheHeart/

We’ve done lots of hiking we’re enjoying seeing the nature. We saw some alligators they look so cool out in Nature. I biked the whole trail park one day about 8 miles it was fun. Have road bikes some too.

Jerry and I got our first covid shots will get second in Missouri.

Didn’t do lots of site seeing at Huntsville will do more next year. We did go to eat at food trucks, and take a few pics of town. Everything is bigger in Texas. We fished at the end I caught one fish. Will try to fish more next year

Jerry is always a good help when campers don’t know how to put up a tent.

We will be back next year. So long Huntsville.

One of our last adventures I wanted Jerry to see the dam, but the embroidery tech was working on machine so I thought we could take the mule and go there see it and be back. Well I git turned around it was all roots so we couldn’t go very fast either. At one point roots so bad I had to push Mule back over the root. We ended up seeing the dam and getting back in time. Always a an adventure

Huntsville state park in Texas

We arrived in Huntsville Texas and the park is nice and host are so sweet. Will go out of there way to help you. The work is easy and weather was nice when we first got here. Went on a few hikes hope to hike all the trails by the time we leave and bike some. Highlighting map as I hike it. Jerry really cant hike with me anymore. I’ve gotten turned around twice and ended up in Huntsville forest not too far though. I’m doing better at following the trails now.

We love our site looks to a lake. Lots of nature. Jerry made a friend with a squirrel that would eat out of his hand. He always makes lots of friends lol.

A few weeks ago there were some runs one for 100 miles and next week 50 mile. Wow just a few years ago I could run a half but not anymore.

About 3 weeks ago I splitting wood I love doing it. It’s fun. We then move the wood to our site and others for campers to buy. Money goes to the park.

We had all the host over to a Turkey dinner. Jerry still loves to cook. We had a great time they are all so nice.

2 weeks ago I did a shift helping with wood and came back. Jerry stayed little while later another host Jan brought Jerry back bleeding. He got his finger crushed in splitter. I was so scared. I took him to ER they sent us to bigger ER. Didn’t know if they could save it, they did thank you a Lord!! We we’re in ER until late all Jerry could think of is one of the host was making chili, he wanted to get back to the chili. We we’re suppose to go to surgeon next day but a snow storm was coming it. It stormed and shut down Texas fur a week.

Warning nasty pic

We were about out of propane I packed us up with Jerry help back us up, drive to get propane and drove back and backed up back in our spot. I’m pretty proud of ourselves. We did everything we could but water still froze one night. Staff checked on us and got us water. We got it fixed. Most of Texas was out water and electric for a week or longer.

We had Magic’s gotcha day while we had the storm 4 years. We went though a storm of a life time. Texas has never had a storm like that before.

We finally got to a surgeon a week and a half later. He said he didn’t think surgery was necessary so we are just watching it for now. Stitches to come out tomorrow. I’m cleaning the sites, fire pits and sweeping the pads. I’m so tired tonight. Jerry wants to help I won’t let him until stitches come out.

It’s been an experience so far.

Our trip from Missouri to Texas a small adventure

We left Missouri the day after Christmas. We took all our decorations down and headed to Texas. First stop Afton Oklahoma Pelican island rv park. They were closed but let us stay for one night. It was nice not cold if it wasn’t for the wind we would of done a fire. When we left our pump was not working but once got to warmer weather it started working. I drove over 2 hours from Sullivan to Springfield Missouri.

Left Afton Oklahoma and headed to Red River Oklahoma in Thackerville Oklahoma. I didn’t drive today it was so windy I didn’t want to drive. Both nice rv parks would like to come back sometime and spend a week. Both coast to coast first one was 5.00 for a night second one 3.00 a night.

Next day we left Thackerville Oklahoma and headed to Trinity Texas Marina Valley it was the best. 20 for 4 nights. We first camped in a tent site by accident. We went to get inspections for Rv and Jeep. When we came back got a full hook up right on the lake it was so pretty. So pretty and relaxing here

On Friday a week after we left Missouri we got to Huntsville state park. At first we did not like our spot but turned out to be good. We will find our duties tomorrow from what other host tell us no bathrooms and just check sites and clean sites. We went on one hike it seems like it will be a nice park lots of hiking. We are across from lake haven’t seen alligators yet.

Not many pics but here are a few of our home for the next 3 months. Already missing my Isaiah.

Babler hosting for November and December

We went to Babler state park to host for November, after being there for a few weeks were asked if we would stay for December. It was the easiest hosting we worked for 7 days then off 7. On the off I went to help Sarah with Isaiah as much as I could. Lots of time to hike too. Jackson and Kayla cane for a visit too.

Jerry made me new tables while at Babler then we went to help Jesse and Alyssa with house sitting and watching the dogs.

Jesse and Alyss’s quilt for there wedding. Jesse came out a few times with his new puppy Woodrow.

For Thanksgiving we went to Alyssa’s parents it was nice and so treated like family.

In December they closed the park for Deer hunting. We got to help but go see the kids too. I also got to sell some items. Really enjoyed hosting at Babler.

My friend Kel came for visit too. We are so blessed for so many friends and family visiting.

For Sarah’s birthday and Christmas we went to her house.

We got to visit with Josh,Carly and Otto. Was fun watching Otto open his presents.

Christmas in the rv. Jerry got a new game stop the bid and lighted flag. I got a new bird feed and joanns card. We also went to Chris and Sara’s.

Also went to Alyssa’s parents for dinner and to visit

Feel we really got to spend lots of time with the kids. The Lord has really blessed us with this rv life.

We left for Texas the day after Christmas. It was quite a nice time at Babler. Will be going back next year for November and December.

We just left Meramec state park hosting

We hosted at Meramec fur 2 months with a break for a late September vacation to Iowa, coachmen’s rally, table rock and back will post a. Vacation blog soon.

I gave Meramec a second chance it is not a good fit for us. I felt like l did nothing right. I did my best. Worked hard but there are 215 sites if full.

Did do some nice hikes found out I had a stress fracture. Went to help Sarah most Monday-Wednesday. Was not allowed to leave fur craft fairs on weekends. Meramec did not follow Civid rules made me nervous.

Gayle and Tim came the lady days before vacation.They interviewed us about full timing .

When we got back lots of pretty fall colors and they gave us the last week off so all in all not too bad of a hosting job.

Been at Washington State Park hosting since July 1st

We have been hosting Washington State Park since July 1 well Jerry was. I first join him on July 3 his birthday. The first day I got here we saw a big black snake we chase him back into the woods.

Sarah came out on the forth with baby Isaiah and Mike came later it was nice. Hope to get others to join us next year. Jesse said he would of come. Think next year we will be at another park though. Christmas in July was not our thing.

We celebrated Jerry’s 70th birthday too

One time Sarah came out with Isaiah the a/c went out they stayed a few night it was nice. We also went to there home on days off. One time we helped tear kitchen out now Mime has to do the hard work We kept 6 feet away when hosting so we can see them when off.

Did a few hikes can’t do as many arthritis is kicking my butt but I still try to be active. Did one with Sarah when we stayed at her house.

Grandkids Kayla and Jackson came to spend few night. They had a great time we went to river, hiked, cone s’mores, scavenger hunt, roller bladed, painted some wood items we had, painted rocks plus went to see petroglyphs . Jackson played with drone and grandpa gave it to him to take home. They learned to have little screen time. Hope they had as much fun as grandma did.

Met with Alyssa’s mom to help. Got to see their beautiful home and go for boat ride. Made some cushions for reception and met her again in a Festus for pedicures. Getting excited now.

It was foggy one day got some awesome pics.

Jerry was called to get a copperhead he relocated it to the woods. It’s been busy.

We will head to Lost valley and get ready for Jesse and Allyssas wedding.

A few nature pics I just wanted to share